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Moka Pot

Used all over Italy as a popular brew method, the Moka Pot is an excellent way to prepare coffee on the stovetop.  Requiring a bit more attention than some of the other brew methods, the resulting coffee can be worth it;  a well balanced, medium bodied brew with distinct aromas.


  1. Fill base of Moka pot with water to just below valve.  Pre-warmed, but not boiling water results in a faster brew time.  If your Moka Pot is taking more than five minutes, you may want to try this.
  2. Insert funnel into base.
  3. Grind beans fine, a little finer than for a cone filter drip.
  4. Add grounds to funnel and tamp down evenly; wipe away excess grounds.
  5. Keeping the base still and upright, screw on top.
  6. Place Moka pot on cook top on medium with the lid open.  If using gas, adjust flame to match the diameter of the base.
  7. Remove from heat when 2/3 of coffee is in upper chamber.
  8. Pour into a warm mug.  Enjoy!