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Perfect when you’re brewing for one, the Melitta cone is a fast and inexpensive way to brew coffee at home.  And with its durable construction the Melitta travels well, so when you’re on the road or camping there’s no excuse for drinking mediocre coffee. Designed to fit perfectly atop most coffee mugs, the resulting brew is clean, smooth, and delectable.


  1. Place the filter in the dripper.
  2. Rinse the paper filter thoroughly with hot water; dump mug contents out.
  3. Grind beans medium-fine and place in filter.
  4. Pour a small amount of hot water over the coffee, just enough to saturate all the grounds.
  5. After initial bloom subsides (15-30 sec.), stir grounds to evenly wet; slowly pour the remaining water into the dripper.
  6.  When last of brew drains remove dripper from mug.  An extra mug works great to catch drips.  Enjoy!