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New Single Origin Espresso

Espresso blends are crafted to marry the best of each origin and achieve balance and richness, but beans from a single farm can be deliciously exciting. Hand selected for their superior performance with the most demanding of brewing methods these coffees make a great espresso, but are also satisfying when brewed for drip coffee.



Meet your Single Origin Espresso:

Fair Trade Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango, 19:19-24:28

What does that mean?

Certification, Country, Region, Brewing Specifications

What can you tell me about this deliciousness?

This microlot is part of the Coordinator of Organizations for the Development of Concepcion Huista’s (CODECH) community microlots. The CODECH is comprised of 10 different organizations in search of development programs for Concepcion Huista, a municipality of Huehuetenango. Projects include workshops on organic farming, teacher development, women’s rights, gender equality, and household development, among others. What this means is that the general manager of CODECH, Gregorio, is taking strides at this farm and others in the area to become more environmentally conscious, renovate farms, and meet the growing demand for organic products. The Fair Trade Organic certification helps in the effort by creating independence from transnationals which produce fertilizers. This coffee is fully washed, sun dried, and grown at 1900m.

So what’s it taste like?

Aroma: floral, fruity, rose

Flavor: tart cherry, blackberry, mild, rich

Acidity: lingering, shiny, hits the back of the palate

Body: medium-thick, yet creamy

FTO Guatemala Huehuetenango is available at all of our locations (Downtown, Oakland, or Borgess) and online for $14.99 per pound.