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WSCJ Social Artist | Melanie Bryce

Melanie Bryce


Melanie Bryce, WSCJ social artist


I want to share what I do and motivate others to do what they love. People ask me how I find time to paint and draw. I tell them take advantage of any spare moment I can”

Melanie Bryce is this month’s featured social artist. She is a self-taught Kalamazoo illustrator whose part time hobby has been growing popularity. She is a positive and imaginative painter and illustrator whose passion to create has kept her life busy and interesting.

While she is a proficient illustrator in multiple mediums, Melanie enjoys her pen and watercolor work the most. Attracted to the drastic contrast in watercolor and pen, her paint seems to flow freely over the crisp of black ink.

Melanie will be featured at Art Hop on Dec. 4 at the Hite House from 5 to 8 p.m. and her T-shirt design was recently selected to be printed as Water Street Coffee Joint’s featured T-shirt artist.


Melanie is an artist who gushes with creativity. She describes her need to create as “an itch that she needs to scratch.” She states adores when she creates something that she’d envisioned and watching it blossom into so much more. Maybe her creative itch comes from her drive and dedication, or maybe it’s a need to express her creativity. Either way, Melanie is an artist who loves what she does. Simply put, she is happiest when she is able create.

She refuses to overthink a project or put pressure on herself to create. Melanie is enthusiastic for any opportunity to create something beautiful and new. She is fiercely dedicated to her craft and is constantly practicing, improving and producing new work. Her goal is to paint or sketch a few times a week, but some weeks it can turn into a daily occurrence. She feels that she gets better with every piece she creates. She is always willing to learn something new or do something differently. She a person who not only embraces change, but to also seeks it out.

Melanie works best in the early mornings with a freshly brewed cup of coffee and ambient music. With her brush (and cup of Water Street coffee), Melanie creates when inspiration strikes, which is frequently. Her inspiration lies within her family, friends, personal experiences and her time with the KIA. She often gives painting as gifts, which influences her work based on what might be happening in others’ lives.

Melanie is a remarkable woman who manages to maintain a full-time job at a local marketing firm Maestro and pursue an artistic career. She’s able to find 10 or 30 minutes here and there to paint create and enjoy. “I don’t get much time at home with two children, so it’s when they have left for school or when they are asleep at night or naptime.” She views her painting as a creative outlet.It’s a good way to de-stress before I come into work in the morning or at night.”

“Proceed with confidence,” she says, describing the best piece of advice she can offer inspiring artists. Confidence can really hold a person back, she says. “You have to move forward even with the fear of failing.” In the short time we have been astounded by the how much she has grown as an artist and the quantity of quality art she has created.

Look out, Kalamazoo, this girl has talent, and she is destined to create a legacy.



Click here to view Melanie’s Tumblr and follow her work.




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