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Patrick Hershberger, aka Bonus Saves | Social Artist

Bonus Saves | Social Artist

water street coffee joint social artist

Bonus Saves Artist Portrait by Melissa Al Azzawi 2015

Water Street Coffee Joint’s April Artist of the Month is Patrick Hershberger, aka Bonus Saves. Patrick is a multimedia artist and muralist whose work lies in two main fields: nature driven themes and the world of his skull bunnies. You may have seen his collaboration with fellow artist, Thor Goodlife, at Art Prize 2015 this past fall or maybe the recently completed wall in Battle Creek titled “The Last Supper”. While he does have other mural projects in the works, his current project is illustrations for a book about Spaceman Frank – an astronaut bunny on a time traveling adventure! If Patrick were a WSCJ drink he would be any drink that allows him to self-replicate and stay caffeinated so he could get more done!


Patrick grew up in a small town, moved to Chicago for a few years, and now claims Kalamazoo as home. He really enjoys the positive energy and creative mojo that flows through the art community here and loves the local network that he’s built with both community organizations and fellow artists. Plus, he says, Kalamazoo has some great coffee.

Whether it is canvas work, illustrating, or mural painting, what makes Patrick’s work truly unique are his original characters and the line patterns he uses in his scenery and animal work to really bring it to life. When asked what influenced his work he notes, “I’m really inspired by history, everyday situations, and the problems that are solved to make life better. Nature, too, has always moved me. I love taking a day or two down the river with friends soaking in all the beauty.”

When he isn’t spending a sunny day on the river, his ideal work environment ranges from canvas work in his studio while listening to music to illustrations done at his kitchen table. However, Patrick doesn’t mind having an audience either.

“If it’s a wall I’m painting, I’m fine with whatever is going on around me,” Patrick says. “People are really fun to paint around. It’s easy for me to feed off the situation.”

While Patrick doesn’t have a favorite piece to create, we were really interested in his original character Spaceman Frank – an astronaut skull bunny – and where his adventures might lead him. As of right now, there are 50 illustrations in the works for a book detailing Spaceman Frank’s time travelling adventures. Each new adventure takes place in Patrick’s own take on paintings from past centuries. He describes Frank as really inquisitive, overly helpful, and always able to find trouble and another wormhole to shoot him somewhere else in time.

Alongside his book, Patrick also has a mural grant proposal in the works as well as concepts for a solo show. Moving forward, he hopes his creativity will take him to murals and street art in many other cities as well as overseas travels. “Street Art reopened my eyes to art in a way I never thought possible,” he states. “I think the form can and has done that for art on a global scale. There’s nothing like turning a corner and discovering a blank wall turned into a canvas.”


See Patrick’s, aka Bonus Saves, art on display during Art Hop starting April 2nd at Consumer’s Credit Union on the Kalamazoo Mall! And keep a lookout in May for his work being shown at Brite Eyes Brewing Company.



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water street coffee joint social artist

The Heron and Her Chicks
A wall completed courtesy of the Art Council of Kalamazoo c. 2015

water street coffee joint social artist

Snap the Whip
A vector illustration, c. 2016

water street coffee joint social artist

The Last Supper
A wall completed in 2016, located in Battle Creek, Michigan.



































All images are copyright of Patrick Hershberger, aka Bonus Saves, copyright 2016, and may be used for the online article for Water Street Coffee in the year 2016.



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