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About Us


At Water Street Coffee, we just love coffee. We love everything about it.  We love its subtleties; its complexities.  The artistry necessary to execute the perfect cappuccino and the mechanics necessary to dial in the perfect shot of espresso.  We appreciate it raw or roasted.  Hot or Iced.  Blended or single origin.  We like dressing it up and we especially like letting it speak for itself.


Attention to detail is key; when exploring new brewing methods, designing a coffee bag, or ethically sourcing our tea, we go the extra mile to make sure it’s perfect.  To ensure freshness and consistency, we roast to order, work in small batches, and cup (and re-cup) each coffee.  In the dynamic quest for perfection, we know that the answer is in the details and that knowledge is power.


In an ever evolving industry like coffee, being relevant means staying ahead of the curve.  Whether it’s perfecting the roast level for our latest lot of Rwandan beans, choosing the playlist for our cafes or preparing a lavender shortbread cookie, we encourage outside of the box thinking, and have found that ingenuity serves us well.


As part of one of the largest international trade industries in the world, we seek to constantly increase our understanding of the role we play.  Our intent is to provide the best possible coffee and tea, while acting responsibly with regard for others and the environment. So in addition to the community of Kalamazoo, we acknowledge that we are a member of a much larger community, from the farmer that grows our beans to the customer that drinks the espresso, each individual we come across is a treasured member of the Water Street Coffee community.